Owner/Fitness Instructor
P90X Live, PiYo Live, Country Heat Live Certified

Andrea is passionate about helping others achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle that they can live with for the rest of their lives. She loves when people take care of themselves and want to learn more about a healthier future.

Andrea received her first degree black belt in Muay Thai in 2006 and fell in love with the sport of Muay Thai Kickboxing. She also has many certificates including Pilates, Zumba, Tabata, Jolt, Flirty Girls, and 360 Class. She offers individual training and Health Coaching. Andrea received her Health Coaching Training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York.

Andrea was inspired to begin her fitness journey as a young girl when her father started having health issues with his heart. At that time she was determined to figure our a way to help herself and others reduce their chances of heart disease. Her journey began at the age of 16, and has since been looking at all different avenues of health and fitness. She enjoys offering simple, fun, inspirational and motivational activities along with coaching people who are willing to shift their habits to become healthier!

Helping you to empower your life to live it to the fullest. Andrea does not believe that “getting healthy” is an impossible task. Fresh Body Rock offers so many different programs to our clients and we enjoy giving people the energy to control their lives and just feel better about their own health, exercise and food choices.

Andrea believes that fitness and nutrition is and should be in EVERYONE’S life. Remember you only have One Body, One Life!


P90X Live Certified

Brittney has loved the idea of working out since she was a little girl. She has had the opportunity to receive her First Degree Black Belt in Tai Kwon Doe. She has also been involved in kickboxing and other activities for years.  Brittney has also been a completive cheerleader and currently a dancer for the Lake Erie Monster!

Brittney defines a good work out as one that you enjoy doing and helps relieve stress, while getting your body into shape. She enjoys teaching fitness classes!





Marisa will be starting her senior year at The University of Toledo. She is studying Exercise Science with a focus on Physical Therapy. During her time at The University of Toledo, she teaches PiYo Strength classes and 20/20/20 Cardio classes at the Student Recreation Center. As an instructor, she hopes to ignite a passion in the class participants for all types of workouts.

PiYo is a lot different than cardio kickboxing workouts, but provides just as great a workout. During PiYo, the focus is on strengthening the mind and the body by sculpting the legs, arms, core and stamina. Marisa enjoys challenging her class participants and herself so that there is a feeling of accomplishment after a great workout!

She has been taking cardio kickboxing for about three years and loves the feeling of punching a bag. Marisa wonders if you know that feeling?




Nicole began cardio kickboxing as a client over six years ago. She fell in love with it from the start. It is a great exercise, but also such a good stress reliever. Punching a bag seemed to make things better! Nicole enjoys the class setting, meeting fellow classmates and bonding with them over a tough class. She became motivated from watching others transform their bodies.

After five years, Nicole became interested in teaching. She knew she had to push herself to pursue it, knowing it was out of her comfort zone. She had a passion to help others achieve their goals. She became certified in cardio kickboxing and group exercise. She has been teaching for one year and loves the experience. She enjoys motivating her clients and watching them achieve different exercises they weren’t able to perform in the weeks prior.

Nicole looks forward to meeting new clients and continuing the friendships she has made.



PiYo Live Certified

Stacy has been a client of Fresh Body Rock for about 6+ years. She started with the cardio kickboxing classes and absolutely loved them. She enojoyed the workout and the people that she met over the years. Stacy feels as though they have become like family to her over the years.

After a few years of the cardio kickboxing classes, Stacy began taking some of the new classes that were being offered. She enjoyed all the classes she tried.

A few months ago, Stacy stepped out of her comfort zone and decided to become certified in Tabata and bring a new class to Fresh Body Rock. Stacy admits that standing up in front of the class and instructing is something that she did not ever think she would have the confidence to do. She has been instructing Tabata since October 2014 and loves it!

Stacy loves the feeling of sharing what she has learned and motivating clients to try new moves and push themselves to their greatest potential.



P90X Live, PiYo Live Certified

Brooke Korkan is certified in Kickboxing(with a first degree black belt), P90X, PiYo, and Group training. On her journey she has become deeply passionate about inspiring others. She is dedicated and determined to help change your life, by motivating and challenging you to become a healthier version of yourself.